Cross-Border Telecom Services & Solutions

Joy Telecom is an experienced international telecom service & solutions provider, which has four overseas subsidiaries located: in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Canada.  The Company aims to achieve global coverage so that end users and connected devices can stay connected, in, each, and every, corner of the world.

Global Connectivity


Joytel is a global I.o.T. Operator.  We have set up global hubs, built a Cloud P.L. with, either, eSIM, or, traditional O.T.A. enabled profile management and delivery system, such that we provide a global coverage and end to end solutions to all connected devices.  Additionally, Joy Telecom has broadband service capability at localizes levels, can provide International internet access, and localized mobile services and A.2.P. and S.M.S. services in real time to enterprises and end users. 

Use of eSIM-Connect facilitates easier deployment.

By using eSIM enabled phones, such as the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and other such devices, the delivery of SIM cards via mail, are no longer needed.  Now, one can purchase an eSIM at any convenience, and in any location.  One can download and activate the eSIM by simply scanning a provided Q.R. code.  Thus, remain connected with your family, friends, and colleagues more conveniently than ever before, and while utilizing only the most basic mobile functions.

Connect Asia 2019


Connect Asia successfully launched during M.W.C. Shanghai 2018, with more than 130 global guests, joining, from various industries, including, telecom, tech communications, and electronics.  The exquisite evening was held, in Lujiazui, Shanghai, China. This year we will attend the convention, and expect more than 200 global guests from telecom, IoT, BigData, A.I. and additional industries. All guests and the event’s Organizer, JoyTelecom, will together, discuss technology developments, market trends, and business cooperation.  Most importantly, all, will enjoy the City, Shanghai, and the networking opportunity.  For, either, attending, or, sponsoring, please use the information in the contact us section of our site.  

Strong Signal

Global Coverage

Multi-Countries SIM

Plug & Play


Global MVNO 

Joy has been granted with MVNO licenses in South Korea and Hong Kong, and set up subsidiaries in Singapore and Canada, to complete its global MVNO deployment. 

Joy Cloud


Joy Cloud is an aggregative, flexible and open platform. Clients can use it to self-manage their telecom services such VoIP, E-SIM, and OTA.

Telecom core network is a hardcore of IMSI management, package customization, and big data collection. Besides Hong Kong, Joy is planning to build up core networks in Europe and America so as to achieve global coverage in the near future.

Dedicated sales & technical team and proactive corporate culture are Joy’s unique competitiveness as a global platform service provider.

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Global MVNO


Cloud Platform