JOYTEL Taiwan Data SIM Card





Data Service SIM Size Coverage Suggested Retail Price 

Unlimited data

*FUP is applied.

Nano、Micro、 Normal All-in-one SIM Taiwan


Cellphone Model :

This SIM card is compatile with the unlocked cellphone of FDD-LTE. 


Insert SIM Card into phone to activate after arriving in the destination country

二、APN Settings:

In the event you fail to gain access to the internet after inserting SIM card, follow the instructions below to change APN settings


Navigate to your iPhone's "Settings">Navigate to "Mobile Data" section, Switch on "Mobile Data", Switch on "Enable 4G", Switch on "Data Roaming">Find APN from "Mobile Data Options" and "Mobile Data Network">Fill APN with "internet" and save


Navigate to your iPhone's "Settings">Navigate to "Mobile Networks" section>Enable "Data Roaming">Navigate to "Access Point Names">Create new APN>Fill APN with "internet" and save